I am an artist in love with the human flesh. There is nothing else I want to draw and paint more than the breathing human landscape. My art is about the experience of a body by another body, as literal as it can be as unobstructed by the middleman of the mind as possible. It’s a direct experience without filters without the necessity to put it into words. It is all out here dripping off the page, alive.

It’s a performance, my bout with time, my bout with the page, my bout with pencils and paint, my bout with the model.  I carve the form with the pencil, I let the ink drip and morph taking free reign, It’s a bloody marriage of precision and chaos.

When you look at my work I want you to be out of your head I want you to feel it in your stomach with your intuition and reflexes and not your intellect. Forget about the mind, reach into a much deeper, much more ancient part of you, to the pulsing core of the warm blooded animal that you are.